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I am the recipient of a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) from Univ of Wisconsin back when...., well, it was a while ago. Back around that time, I founded the James Clarke Glass studio & was a proud member of the Glass Artist's fraternity for over 25 years and established a reasonable amount of national recognition (see www.jamesclarke.com). I then took a weird detour & found myself removed from the Art World. In an attempt to rediscover my inner-creative-self, I have recently started several web-based artistic endeavors, which include (but are not limited to):  www.popartmagic.com, www.clarkeography.com, and www.learniphoneogrophy.com (still under construction).

For now, I'm hooked into this iPhoneography thing and really enjoying it. It seems to have taken over my life....

Purchase information for prints may be found by following the "Buy Print" links below the images on the PORTFOLIO page.
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