Facebook-TIIG-Logo2 I am proud to announce the formation of The international iPhoneography Group (TiiG) and that the group's inaugural iPhoneography exhibition will be held at the prestigious Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) in Denver. The Show's opening reception will be Friday, May 3rd and a closing reception will be held on June 14th, 2013. The CPAC is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013. It is an honor to have this important organization embrace and host an iPhoneography exhibition.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 3rd, 6-9 pm (co-opening with the annual CPAC Member’s Show)
Closing Reception: June 14th, 6-9pm.

Show Dates: May 3rd – June 14th.
Workshops, Panel Discussion and Presentations by TiiG members (to be announced) will be held on Saturday, May 4th. Subjects tentatively to include: Past, Present, and Future of iPhoneography; Hipstamatic tips & tricks; What apps are best & how to get started.

Participating Artists:  James Clarke - Boulder, CO;  Clint Cline – Plant City, FL;  Shirley Drevich – Miami, FL;
Roger Guetta – Montreal, Quebec;  Cindy Patrick – Moorestown, NJ;  Rudy Vogel – Springfield, MA.

This will be the inaugural Exhibition for The international iPhoneography Group. Established in 2012, The International iPhoneography Group, or TiiG, is a collective of digital artists dedicated to the creation, education and promotion of Fine Art using iOS technologies as their "palette" of choice.

TiiG was founded to demonstrate the vast possibilities of utilizing application-based technologies to enhance and transform photographic works. The imagery created by the members of this collective is photographic at its core, but pushes the boundaries of creativity and moves beyond the camera. Photography may play a part in what iPhoneography is, but by no means is it the defining point of what it has become.

The goal of TiiG is to move iPhoneography into the realm of Fine Art, free of the prejudices that surround the utilization of these advanced technologies.

The 6 Artists who make up the founding members of TiiG were chosen for their dedication to the advancement, education, and promotion of Mobile Phone technologies that take photography beyond capturing images with a camera. The images presented also differ from current digital Art in that no computers, or standard computer based software such as Photoshop, was used in their creation. The images exhibited are all created on iOS devices (iPhone, or iPad) with applications currently available.

james-clarke_the-philadelphia-experimentj0028-A Boy With His Head in the Clouds 4-wmjames-clarke_the-view-from-the-14th-floor_121219-600x322 James Clarke:
“Taking pictures with a mobile device is more about collecting raw material. I’m not interested in taking amazing pictures just to replicate what we already see. You could say that my goal is to create imagery that has an emotional response. My interest is more in the area of creating digital Art. I enjoy the set of tools I’ve been handed by a guy who had the vision to make technology simple and fun to use. It gives you a sense of freedom that you don’t get somehow sitting at your computer.”

  ClintCline-Ace. of Hearts clint-cline_queen-of-hearts_130226-600x800clint-cline_jack-of-spades-130226-600x800ClintCline-Dr. Reginald made them think
Clint Cline:
“Digital photography has spawned a tremendous democratization of visual expression and - despite the claptrap that inevitably arises - we are all better for it. In the Proverbs it says 'as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another' .... likewise the explosive evolution in digital photography – and now iPhoneography – is challenging and pushing and elevating a larger discussion on the power, use, and expression of visual communication. I am sharpened every day to see the abundance of talent, some directed, some still making its way, that finds expression through the iPhone and mobile digital photography.”  

CindyPartick2c cindy-patrick_ampquotin-riding-a-horse-we-borrow-freedomampquot-helen-thomson_121031-597x800 cindy-patrick_what-i-wish-to-show-when-i-paint-is-the-way-i-see-things-with-my-eyes-and-in-my-heart-raoul-dufy_130319-597x800Cindy-Patrick-Pool-Poetics-1-597x800
Cindy Patrick:
"Using the iPhone as a creative tool has once again ignited my passion for expressing myself via the altered image. With all the apps available to me, the iPhone is my toy camera, my photo oils, and my Photoshop all rolled into one and all on one device. I can now take photographs and make images within minutes, and in the palm of my hand. And since my iPhone is with me at all times, I can make images whenever the creative spark strikes with no waiting to get back to my computer or into my darkroom. For me, that is pure magic!"  

roger-guetta_brave-new-world_130321-600x600 roger-guetta_first-read_130226-600x439 roger-guetta_right-brain-circuitry_130114-414x800 roger-guetta_the-lady-waits_130203-600x600
Roger Guetta:
“I’ve never really been a traditional photographer. I come from a fine arts background but sometimes dabbled with my Polaroid SX70. I loved pushing the SX70′s emulsion to transform the image. When I did experiment with darkroom techniques, I found myself painting over my black and whites with food coloring. When I bought my DSLR, I immersed myself into Photoshop techniques. Always a manipulator, never a purist. Then, ( insert celestial music here ) I fell in love with the iPhone and the array of apps which make the transformative experience an absolute joy.”  

shirley-drevich_aqua-ibis_130208 shirley-drevich_ibis_121031-600x582 shirley-drevich_ibises-getting-ready_130228shirley-drevich_banana-family_121013-600x600
Shirley Drevich:
“Perception is the underlying element in my photography and it is heightened by the iPhone’s technology. It does not depend on weather or lighting conditions - The designated “photo shoot” day with heavy equipment is a thing of the past. It enables me to observe, record, and most importantly transform images, using apps to transform color, light, texture, and ambiance. I call this work my “app dance.” It is an intuitive process married with technology. The iPhone helps make the real super-real and transforms the super-real into art.”  

RudyVogel-Boop and Stoop Thrown For A Loop RudyVogel-Cheshire Cat Heaven RudyVogel-An Argument Too Much To Bear
Rudy Vogel:
“I have been shutter-snapping consistently since I was a youth, but have only begun “snapping, apping & zapping” since Christmas of 2010. The images I shoot may sometimes be definitive or, what I call that “iconic” image. But, for the type of art I create I view an image as my palette from which I mix & transfer colors, textures, components, and so forth. These variables then become the ingredients I utilize within a work product I create, often times, piece by piece.”

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