The Dune Series

One of my recent series of images started with the one I call "Dune". It all started when I was waiting for my wife to finish "doing some business" after we dropped off our rental car at the Ft. Lauderdale airport recently. I was waiting with our luggage standing next to a wall that was not your typical wall. The odd thing was, that I didn't notice the wall right away. After about 5 minutes, I turned and, it hit me! This was a wall that could definitely have potential. So, as any self-respecting iPhoneographer would do, I whipped out my phone and snapped a few images. The original that I picked is the one shown on top above.

Image #1:  "Dune"
I started by taking 2 slightly different shots of the wall and running them through AutoStitch (a similar effect could have been done in Blender as in image #2). This gave me an image with a slight double exposure look because the 2 images didn't quite line up. I then rotated it 90°, tweaked it a bit in BlurFX, and ran it through the "dual-gradient" filter in Photo fx Ultra. After playing around with a bunch of other ideas, I decided that this one (#1 above) was pretty nice all by itself.

Image #2: "Red Vortex"
This was done by taking image #1 and running it through Tiny Planets. It was then "blended" in Blender by using 2 of the same images, but enlarging and twisting the top image a few degrees prior to doing a basic 50% normal blend. Color was adjusted via Photo fx Ultra.

Image #3: "When Dunes Collide"
This was simply done by taking image #1 and dropping it into Diptic (twice). The resulting 2 images were flipped & adjusted to get the image you see above. I thought about blending an image of a face with this one, but wasn't satisfied with any attempts, so I bagged that idea (for the time being).

Image #4: "What do you see when you look into my Eyes"
This one was also done in Diptic by repeating the image from #3 4-times. This one came out with an even more prevalent "suggestion" of a face, so I went back to the idea of blending an actual face below the abstraction. I found an image of yours truely at the age of about 5, blew it up (using Blender) until the eyes matched the right spots, and the result is #4 above.

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