.... so proclaims Knox Bronson of pixelsatanexhibition.com, THE premier curated iPhoneography site on the web.

I must admit, that back in my early days of iPhoneography (May 11th, 2011 was my 1st published image), I fell prey to the idea that images needed a "frame". So, after Knox "suggested" that I lose the frames on a couple of my earlier images, I did "see the light". I do agree with the idea that the addition of a big border to the image is unnecessary, and detracts from the image. The idea here, is that if you like the image, you should buy a copy and put your own frame on it!

Anyhoo, after the most recent "request" by Mr. Bronson to "bag the borders", one notable member of the iPhoneography community decided to have a bit of fun with it. Clint Cline came out with an image that was, shall we say...., a spoof on the "no border" proclamation. His image (below), entitled "Border Control" was more, or less... all border. I must say, that it did have a fish in it, but as per usual, it was/is a great example of iPhone Mastery by one of the best out there!

Border Control by Clint Cline

"Border Control" by Clint Cline*

So..., this leads me to the idea that I was a bit jealous that I didn't think to do this 1st! Not to be deterred, and responding to the fact that even though Clint's image was mostly border, it was not a black border (per Knox's proclamation). I, therefore, took it upon myself to create an image that is mostly "black". My image presented at the top of the page is the result - "No Wimpy Border Control Guppies Around These Borders" (per Clint's suggestion, I added a "fish" because he said "it worked for me").

    * Special thanks to Clint Cline for "Border Control" (and having the wit and insight to start this silly thing).

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