If Mondrian had an iPad #2

If Mondrian had an iPad #2

One never knows where that next "idea" will come from...

My earlier attempt to come up with an image that was mostly "black border" has led me in an unexpected direction.

While coming up with “No Wimpy Border Control Guppies Around These Borders” (see previous post), I used a drawing/painting app called ArtStudio. I had rediscovered this app recently in an attempt to create an arrow using a dotted-line pattern. ArtStudio, along with Decim8 led me to the basic image I needed. I might also point out, that these images are created entirely from iOS generated imagery (no photographic images).

I liked the basic minimal simplicity of where this was going, so as any good Artist would do, I went with it! The result is my "If Mondrian had an iPad" series, of which I present #1, and #2 here.

These images also mark the 100th, and 101st of my images to be published on pixelsatanexhibition, THE premier curated iPhoneography site on the web. A BIG thanks to Knox Bronson for encouraging (and, exhibiting) my new work in this extraordinary new Art Form!

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